Feelin  good Vol120 Aebersold Melody music caen
  • Feelin  good Vol120 Aebersold Melody music caen

Aebersold Vol120 Feelin' good

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Melody Music

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This organ trio play-a-long set simply swings like no other! You will be sure to explore all that the blues form has to offer with a B-3 trio that will blow you away with their musicianship and feel. Famed saxophonist/educator Jerry Coker says this is one of his favorites. A great addition to your collection! Special stereo separation has drums and bass on both channels with guitar and organ split on different channels.

Bb boogaloo
Work song
My slow blues
McDuff’s groove
Down home boogaloo
Bossa blues
Killer joe
Miss C’s shuffle
Happy Alice
Blues blues blues
Modal blues
Jimmy Smith Shuffle
Dirty blues
The search
Tuning notes

Fiche technique

Jamey Aebersold
Aebersold Jamey
Tout Instrument
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