Cedar Walton Vol35 Aebersold Melody music caen
  • Cedar Walton Vol35 Aebersold Melody music caen

Aebersold Vol35 Cedar Walton

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Melody Music

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Jam with this all-star rhythm section on nine fresh, original tunes by the great Cedar Walton - with Cedar on piano! Many of these tunes are well on their way to becoming jazz "standards." Don't overlook this one! Several tunes have Cedar's own harmony parts, as used on his original recordings! These tunes make great additions to your school's jazz combo. Hear the sound of authentic "New York" jazz. Several tunes have written harmony parts, too. Cedar Walton, piano; Ron Carter, bass; Billy Higgins, drums

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Jamey Aebersold
Aebersold Jamey
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